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    A leading research company based in Bengaluru, India. We offer unique range of services for identifying world-wide authentic buyers and distributors for practically any chemical that is globally traded.


    Our unique World Chemical Distributor Database (WCDD) has details about 10,200+ companies across 140+ countries.

  • Market Segments

    Covering A-Z chemicals from all sectors of the chemical industry:


    Bulk/Commodity chemicals


    Fine/ Sociality chemicals


    Performance chemicals


    Green chemicals


    Organic/BioDynamic products

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  • Services

    World-wide buyer and distributor report


    Act as outsourced export market development manager


    Sourcing agent


    Market development through Blogs


    Customised research

  • About Us

    Trade, Technology & Projects (TTP) is managed by Subbarao Kumble, a professional chemical engineer with passion for internet research and market development. He has spent over four decades in chemical (R&D, projects, market development) and information processing industries.


    He has managed several information based projects for global publishers that include DECHEMA, Germany; Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC, U.K.); American Chemical Society (ACS, USA); Thomson Gale (Cengage); Janes (IHS); DowJones, USA and Reuters, U.K. He also acted as information consultant for Indian Drug Manufacturers association.


    TTP has delivered several buyer reports for companies in North America, Europe and Asia. TTP has also supported companies in developing global market for industrial & specialty chemicals including natural products such as organic stevia, organic turmeric etc.

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